FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  What Is Bulk Sms Service ?

We Provide Online Bulk Sms Gateway Services For Sending SMS To Mobile Numbers In Single or Bulk As Per Requirements.Bulk Sms Services Can Be Used For Many Type of Communications With Clients, Send Alerts, Advertising, Marketing, Greetings Etc

  Who Can Use S4 Bulk Sms Service ?

Any One Can Use. Individual, Company's, Firms, Organizations, Industry's, Service Providers, Enterprises, InS4utes, Personal Usage Etc.

  How To Use S4 Bulk Sms Service ?

We Will Provide Your User Id & Password Then You Can Login In Our Web-site & Use Sms Services or Also You Can Use It Through API Codes With Your Software, Websites, Applications, CRM , ERP Etc.

  How Much Bulk Sms Services Cost To Me ( cost per sms ) ?

S4 Sms Solutions Team Always Try To Provide Lowest Cost We Can. With Best , Reliable & Quality Services.Visit Pricing Page For Details.

  Which Type of Sms I Have To Buy Confused ?

If You Want To Use Sms For Marketing & Advertising Purpose You Can Buy Promotional Sms. If You Want To Use Sms For Alerts & Information To Your Clients So You Can Buy Transactional Sms.

  How To Buy S4 Bulk Sms Service ?

You Can Buy Sms Services Very Easily. First Select Your Sms Package > Pay Online or Offline Payment Options > Tell Us Details > Done.

  Is There Any Monthly or Yearly Maintenance Charges For Services After Buying ?

No ! No Any Monthly or Yearly or Any Type Of Charges After Buying..Also No Hidden Charges-No Extra Cost... We Give Only Final Prices.

  I Get Invoice For Our Purchase ( Order ) ?

Yes ! We Provide Invoices For Every Purchases.

  When I Buy How Much Time It Will Take To Activate My Account ?

We Provide Fastest Activation.Your Sms Account Will Be Activated & Live Within 10 Minutes After Your Payment.

  We Need To Download or Install Any Software For Using S4 Bulk Sms Service ?

No ! No Need To Download or Install Any Software In Computer / PC / Laptop. Completely Online So Only Internet Connectivity Require.

  Any Limit For Sending Sms Like Maximum or Minimum Numbers in One Time ?

No ! No Limit For Sending Minimum or Maximum Sms . You Can Send Between 1 SMS To As You Want to Send.

  How Can I Upload or Add Numbers For Sending Sms ?

You Can Add Numbers By Typing In Numbers Box or Upload It by Excel File or Copy - Paste From Excel File , Notepad Etc.

  Can Is Use Excel, csv, xlsx , txt , Notepad Etc. Files For Upload Mobile Numbers ?

Yes ! You Can Use Above Types & Many Other Of Files For Upload Mobile Numbers. Contact Us For Details.

  How Much Characters & Words We Can Add In One Sms ?

You Can Write Sms As Long As You Wish. But It Will Count as 160 Characters = 1 Sms Credit.

  Can I Send Sms To All Over India & All Operator Networks. ?

Yes ! You Can Send Sms To Anywhere In All Over India & All Mobile Operators Networks.

  Can I Send Sms On DND ( NDNC ) Numbers ?

Yes ! Promotional Sms Will Not Delivered On DND Numbers........But You Can Use Transactional Sms For DND ( NDNC ) Delivery.

  Any Time Period For Sending Sms ?

Promotional Sms Will Be Work Between 9 AM to 9 PM Every Day. Transactional Sms Work 24*7 Anytime. No Time Period For Transactional Sms.Anytime Delivery.

  Can I Get My Own Sender Id For Sending Sms or Form Which Name / Number Sms Gets Delivered.

In Promotional Sms Sender Id Not Available. It Will Be Delivered From 6 Digit System Generated Number. In Transactional Sms We Provide 6 Characters Sender Id As Per Your Choice. It Will Be Delivered From Your 6 Digit Sender Id.

  Any Schedule Sms, Customized Sms, Message Draft Save Facility Available ?

Yes ! All Above Given & Many More Types of Exciting Features Available.

  How Much Time Sms Take For Delivery On Mobile ( Single or Bulk ) ?

On Same Time Instant ! We Provide Only Priority Sms Gateway & Services So All Sms Single or Bulk Get Delivered Very Fast Instantly.

  Should I Get Delivery Reports ( Delivery Status ) For All Sms ?

Yes ! We Provide Genuine Live & Real Time Server Delivery Reports Of Every & All Sms.

  Can I Use My Account Form Anywhere In All Over India & Send Sms To All Mobile Numbers In India ?

Yes ! You Can Use Account From Anywhere All Over India & You Can Send Sms In All Over India.

  Can I Use My Account At Same Time On Multiple Computers / Systems or In Multiple Windows ?

Yes ! You Can Use Your Account On Multiple Computers / Systems & Also On Multiple Windows On Same Time.

  Can I Save My Contacts On Website Any Create Group - Phone Book Facility Available ?

Yes ! You Can Save Your Contacts To Website.Fully Featured Phone Book & Group Facility Available.

  Can I Use This Services With My Website - Software - CRM - Application - ERP etc.

Yes ! You Can Use With Our Powerful API Codes , Sample Codes & Integration Codes.

  Can I Get API Codes & Integration Codes With My Account ?

Yes ! We Will Provide Many Types Of API Codes & Integration Codes With Every Account.

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